Pine Line’s Zoe Perissos “Zoe”

In the greek language the word Zoe translates “life” and the word Perissos is translated “abundant”. We named our awesome four legged friend Zoe Perissos to remind us daily of the abundant life we can in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (John 10:10).

Zoe was born on March 1, 2012 and has been a great addition to our family. She is the epitome of what a lab should be. She is a couch potato by day and an excellent hunter by night. When she was 8 months old and on her first pheasant hunt she retrieved a “runner” like it was the 100th time she’d done it. She is a wonderful companion and friend.

She has a nice solid build. A thick rich undercoat, thick otter tail, and dark points (though she does get a “winter nose” that fades in the winter months). She has dark yellow tips on her ears and a light ivory coat throughout. She has a medium sized blocky head and a square build but is only about 65 pounds at her full, healthy weight.

OFA Hips Good
Elbows Normal
EIC Clear (Exercised Induced Collapse)
CAER Clear (Companion Animal Eye Registry)

Click here for Zoe’s pedigree page with additional pictures.

Pine Line’s Rainmaker’s Reya - Retired

Reya (or Raya) is a Hebrew word that means “Friend, or Companion”. It also means “Queen” in Spanish! Both of those meanings are very appropriate for our lab, as she is a wonderful friend, as well as queen of the house!

Reya was born April 26, 2008. She has a slender build and has a gorgeous, dark-brown silky coat. She comes from a line of champion hunters and shows a nice field build. Reya has plenty of energy for the field and eager to greet new guests but when it is just our family she settles right in and makes a great snuggling friend for the kiddos.

She whelped her first litter of pups in 2011 and all together produced 39 puppies in 4 years. She was officially retired from our breeding program in the summer of 2014 and will spend the rest of her life being spoiled by our 5 kids.

OFA Hips Excellent
EIC Clear (Exercised Induced Collapse)
CERF Clear (Canine Eye Registration Foundation)

Click here for Reya’s pedigree page with additional pictures.


October 14, 2015
We just updated individual pictures of all the puppies. See them on the puppies page.

October 6, 2015
All the puppies in this litter have been reserved. Let us know if you would like to be added to our notification list for next year when we breed.

October 4, 2015
We have one final girl remaining to be reserved. Let us know if you want to take her home!

September 29, 2015
We have one final boy looking to be reserved. Contact us today if you'd like to take him home!

September 16, 2015
Only THREE puppies in this litter left. Reserve yours today!

September 8, 2015
Zoe welcomed four girls and three boys today!

August 28, 2015
We are only about a week and a half away from meeting our next litter. Reserve yours today!

July 7, 2015
is at the breeders! Contact us if you would like to reserve a puppy for our fall 2015 litter of yellows.

February 20, 2015
All puppies from this litter have been reserved. Contact us to be added to our waiting list for our next litter.

February 15, 2015
Zoe welcomed three puppies today. Reserved your new friend soon, we only have one girl left.

Febraury 12, 2015
Puppies are coming. It should be any time now!

January 17, 2015
We are now accepting deposits on our upcoming yellow litter due the second week of February.

December 2014
Stay tuned for yellow pup info. Our Zoe is in heat and will soon be bred.

All puppies from this litter have been reserved. Contact us to be added to our waiting list for upcoming yellows.

Dillon is our final available boy from Reya's last litter. He is gorgeous and ready to go home locally the 22nd.

Dash and Dillion are our final puppies available. See them on the puppies page!

2 boys and 1 girl still available.

New puppy pictures! Outside this time

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Now taking deposits. 1 girl and 6 boys available.

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Reya has been bred and Lord wiling we will welcome a new litter the very beginning of January 2014. Contact us to reserve your new friend.