Available Puppies

Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.

Our current litter is from Zoe (left) and INT CH McDees Little Buddy “Bear” (inset). Please contact us if you would like to reserve a puppy from this litter. Born September 8th, 2015. This is a champion sired litter and will produce great pups!! **All pups from the 2015 litter have been reserved.**

If you are interested in a Zoe pup, we will likely have another litter fall of 2016! Stay tuned for details as we get closer.

Local pickups begin Tuesday, October 27th 2015. Flight date will be Nov 7th.

1st Pick Female: Pine Line Labs 1st Pick Male: Mike K.
2nd Pick Female: Eric E. 2nd Pick Male: Shawna L.
3rd Pick Female: John S.
3rd Pick Male: Cindy N.
4th Pick Female: Peggy P.

Who can resist the look and feel of a new puppy? Full of energy and eager to please a puppy can truly become your next best friend. Proper training along with plenty of exercise and you will be well on your way to a great family companion. We have done our best to breed for a quality temperament and great disposition, but you will also have some work to do to help ensure a great outcome. We highly recommend finding a good trainer and getting your new puppy into a puppy class at an early age.

All our puppies will have gone through Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) which will help in their socialization. Continue reading below for more information regarding ENS.

Our Puppies

All puppies will leave our home having been wormed, vaccinated, and in good health. Their dewclaws will also have been removed. We use and recommend Pure Balance Dog Food dog food, a high quality, protein-based diet. Puppies will be sent home with a sample, which you would be able to use to switch them over if you prefer a different brand.

In an effort to keep the breed pure and uphold the quality that we breed for, all puppies will come with Limited AKC Registration papers. This means that the puppy is a fully qualified AKC dog, but we are with holding any breeding rights. If you are looking for a terrific family pet, and do not have plans to breed, then this should not be an issue for you.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

We use a process called Early Neurological Stimulation, also known as ENS, which stimulates the puppies’ neurological system by applying mild stress to young puppies in a very controlled and limited way. We have been using ENS on our newborn puppies once each day starting at day three and continuing for about two weeks. It consists of 5 quick exercises which have been clinically proven to improve cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. The US Military developed this method in their canine program. You can read more about what they have done here http://www.gsphouse.com/earlyneurologicalstimulation.html.

The second phase of this process includes introducing our puppies to a series of obstacles which will help them develop problem solving as well as an effort to increase their intelligence. We introduce them to things such as tunnels, ramps and stairs to help them learn to respond to new challenges which helps keep their minds sharp. We also keep a crate available for them to go in and out of which will help make your job at crate training them once they get home much easier.

And of course having five kids of our own around definately helps introduce your puppy to noise tolerance as well as just getting used to being handled. You can google “Canine Early Neurological Stimulation” for more information regarding the health benefits of such training.

Our Assurance of Quality

All of our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health and virus free for three business days from the date of arrival. Since parasites can be common problem in young animals, and are easily treated, these are excluded from this guarantee.

Your puppy’s eyes are guaranteed to be clear of genetic defects as determined by CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry). An exam must be performed by a certified veterinarian ophthalmologist according to CAER standards and proof must be supplied to us before the puppy reaches 25 months of age if you suspect a problem.

We guarantee the puppy to be free of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia for up to 25 months of age. If your veterinarian suspects a dysplasia problem, the x-ray showing this condition must be verified by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). This x-ray must be done before 25 months of age and must not be taken within 30 days before or after heat cycle.

Though we strive for the best in breeding, no guarantee will be made as to disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, markings, or hunting or breeding abilities. We will also not guarantee undescended testicles, dew claws that grew back, or any other non-genetic situation/disorder.

For this guarantee to remain active, all the following conditions must be met:

  • Dog has been registered with the AKC, has been microchipped within 10 days of purchase, and has not been transferred to a new owner. You may have the microchip implanted at your vet’s office and then send us a copy of the dated receipt for the microchip within six months of purchase.
  • Signed statement from the OFA (for hips) or CAER (for eyes) that hips or eyes will not certify with the grade of fair or above or that the eyes will not be cleared (We reserve the right to have our own vet’s opinion).
  • Dog has not been used as a stud or whelped a litter prior to having the OFA certification.
  • Dog and AKC papers are returned to us. (You may choose to keep your dog, but papers must be returned, and he or she must be spayed or neutered.)
  • Demonstration that the puppy has received adequate care and nutrition. Anything that affects the development or well-being of the puppy, such as abuse, neglect, trauma (i.e. jumping in the air for frisbees), or being used for breeding will void these guarantees.
  • Dog must be neither overweight nor over-exercised or guarantee is void.

We never want our puppies or dogs placed in a shelter. Call us first if you cannot take care of him/her. We will try to assist you in finding a good home.

We will not be responsible for travel/shipping expenses, either for receiving a replacement puppy or returning an unhealthy puppy.

We will not be responsible for vet expenses or diagnostic testing including spaying/neutering.

This guarantee in whole is to replace the dog upon the return of the original puppy/dog. This is after the return of both the dog and his/her papers. Because we hope that your puppy will become a beloved member of your family, it is not necessary to return your puppy/dog to collect part of this agreement. Should you have a hip/eye problem but want to keep the dog, we will (upon proof of hip dysplasia or eye defect) refund one half of the original purchase price of the dog provided the above conditions have been met. Otherwise, you may return the dog to us and we will apply the full purchase price of your puppy toward the price of a puppy from one of our future litters. Replacement puppies must be received within 24 months of notifying us of your puppy’s situation.

Pine Line Labs offers the preceding guarantee to the original buyer only.


October 14, 2015
We just updated individual pictures of all the puppies. See them on the puppies page.

October 6, 2015
All the puppies in this litter have been reserved. Let us know if you would like to be added to our notification list for next year when we breed.

October 4, 2015
We have one final girl remaining to be reserved. Let us know if you want to take her home!

September 29, 2015
We have one final boy looking to be reserved. Contact us today if you'd like to take him home!

September 16, 2015
Only THREE puppies in this litter left. Reserve yours today!

September 8, 2015
Zoe welcomed four girls and three boys today!

August 28, 2015
We are only about a week and a half away from meeting our next litter. Reserve yours today!

July 7, 2015
is at the breeders! Contact us if you would like to reserve a puppy for our fall 2015 litter of yellows.

February 20, 2015
All puppies from this litter have been reserved. Contact us to be added to our waiting list for our next litter.

February 15, 2015
Zoe welcomed three puppies today. Reserved your new friend soon, we only have one girl left.

Febraury 12, 2015
Puppies are coming. It should be any time now!

January 17, 2015
We are now accepting deposits on our upcoming yellow litter due the second week of February.

December 2014
Stay tuned for yellow pup info. Our Zoe is in heat and will soon be bred.

All puppies from this litter have been reserved. Contact us to be added to our waiting list for upcoming yellows.

Dillon is our final available boy from Reya's last litter. He is gorgeous and ready to go home locally the 22nd.

Dash and Dillion are our final puppies available. See them on the puppies page!

2 boys and 1 girl still available.

New puppy pictures! Outside this time

Check out our testimonies page to see our newest update! You'll want to reserve your new friend after reading this one. :)

Now taking deposits. 1 girl and 6 boys available.

10 puppies are here!! Reserve one today.

Happy Holidays! We are getting ready to welcome our newest litter. Contact us to reserve one.

Reya has been bred and Lord wiling we will welcome a new litter the very beginning of January 2014. Contact us to reserve your new friend.