Need some more convincing?

Hello! We are really enjoying Riley and watching him grow. He is a smart puppy and becoming very disciplined as he picks up on what we train him very quickly! As an example, when we feed him, he looks at us and waits until he is given the okay to start eating. He waits to enter and leave thru doors until we go first and give him the okay. Peter has been working with his fetching…making him stay and waiting until released to fetch his bumper. He loves the ponds on the golf course. Riley is now 33 lbs. And starting to lick us more that chew on us! I will send some pictures…probably more than you care to get but he is sooo cute!

Jesse & April - Hey, we hope all is well with you and your family. Just a quick update and a huge thanks for our girl. The pics are from the past couple of weeks, so Denali (Elsa) is almost 5 months old at this point and growing fast! We absolutely love her, and she pretty much has to be where one of us is at all times. She goes crazy for each of the kids when they get up in the morning, and showers anyone that will pay attention to her with kisses. She loves to play in the water, chase anything we are willing to throw (and yes, bring it back!), and play tug-o-war. We have had so many people say “Ooooh, I want one!” when they see her out with us!

Thanks again, and God bless!

Brian & Jenni

Hi April, we just got home with Ellie from her graduation class of puppy obedience classes. Thought you would be proud to know that she won 1st place! Obviously, she has a long ways to go, but we are really enjoying the time training her. She catches on quickly, is enjoyable to work with, and she loves everybody!

Hope things are going well there.

The Heaths…Ellie too!

Update 11/2015: We had only taken her to the game farm 2times prior to this trip. She was not retrieving the birds there, but did a great job of flushing out the birds and fantastic drive. By the end of her first day in S.D. she was retrieving like a pro. My husband is very proud, especially for a pup that was just turning 9 months. It’s great to see your new pups on the website. Brings back great memories! We are totally in love with Ellie! She is pretty petite in height, weighing in at 50 lbs, and puts a smile on your face every time. Thanks for everything!

Hi April. I just wanted to give you an update on Chase. I worked with him through the spring and summer on retrieving. We went to the Mosinee area duck hunting, and Chase was a model retriever on his first duck hunting expedition. First duck down, and first successful retrieve. It was a very proud moment for me.

I cannot say enough good things about Chase. He is confident, obedient, playful, very social, alerts when cars come up the driveway, and most of all a part of the family. He is an amazing dog and completely loved by the entire family.

I just wanted to say thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Ralph S

Josie and I competed at the Trempealeau County Fair last weekend. She took first place in both her classes, pre-novice B and pre-novice rally. She had a great time at the fair and was pretty tuckered out by the end. At the end of August we will be competing at the state dog show. I love training Josie and she is one of the smartest dogs we have!


Jesse has been doing very well. He was from our ‘B’ litter and was trained to be a service dog for a 5 year old autistic girl. He passed his service training with flying colors and is also an awesome friend to this little girl. We are so proud of this Pine Line Lab!

Our year with Louie (Chester) has been so wonderful. He gets so many complements on his coat - we continued to feed him the Native brand food you sent home with us. He has platoed at about 60lbs over the last couple months which is perfect for us! He loves to walk, run and LOVES to swim. He has also grown to be much more cuddly over the last couple months. He picks up on training so quickly (we can count on one hand the number of times he has messed in the house the whole time we’ve had him!). He has a couple tricks in his bag, usually mastered within minutes, but more importantly he “heels” especially well and is obedient outdoors on walks when off the leash. He has also been a motivation for us to get outside each day. I think our favorite part of the last year has been watching his little personality emerge and picking up on some of his little querks - like he loves to sleep on his back.


Bailey is doing great! She is a very smart, active, friendly puppy who has won the hearts of us all. She was very quick to house train, and easily picked up on the basics of obedience training (sit, stay, down, leave it, heel, etc..). She was running through the agility section of our dog park with ease almost the first time she tried it. So the sky is the limit in terms of her trainability, actually to be more accurate we are the limit as she will pick up whatever we teach her, so it is really up to us in the end. We plan on continuing dog training (we are on intermediate classes now) and may continue with agility training after working through the basics. We are pleased with Bailey and the work you put into getting her ready to join our home.

John & Pam

Copper is a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t imagine life without him. His adorable little face is irresistible.

Lance H.

Thanks Jesse and April for such a great boy! Our Ace is not only more handsome than we’d hoped, but he has such a calm, sweet demeanor. We had hoped Jonah and Reya would make a great match, and we sure were right. He is perfect, exactly what we’d hoped for and more. Ace has been so easy to train, both with obedience as well as out in the field. He is so smart, walks right next to us off-leash, and heals very nicely on-leash. Again, thank you!

Matt and Lisa

Brooke bringing in some ducks!

Brooke has been an outstanding dog. She is full of energy and loves to play all day. Training her was unbelievable, she such a smart and witty dog. Everything came natural to her. When it came to training her for hunting that’s where her intelligence just shines. She has the will to do anything that will make you happy. The most drive I have ever seen, and competitive in a good way. I get tons of compliment on how gorgeous of a dog she is an how we’ll mannered and behaved she is. She also gets along with all dogs and loves to play! All and all I would recommend a dog from Pine Line any day. Thanks guys its been a treat :).

Dear Pine Line Labs,

Last winter, we adopted one of your puppies from Reya’s first litter. She is now almost full-grown and has been an enormous blessing and source of joy in our family! This is the first time we have ever had a dog, and Finney has been terrific. We were nervous about the training and care for a new puppy, but Fin by far exceeded our expectations and has made owning a dog for the first time an enjoyable experience. When we were potty training, we taught her to ring a bell when she had to go outside. In just a few days, she would send that bell flying when she wanted out! We love how fun it has been to see her grow and change. When we first got her, Fin was so scared of the stairs, she absolutely refused to go down them without us carrying her. It was such a funny sight to work on overcoming the fear of those stairs. We are just so amazed on how well Finney responded to training! Finney is an obedient, playful, and loving lab. We couldn’t have asked for better! Thank you so much for letting us adopt such a great new family member! We will most definitely come back to Pine Line Labs for our next puppy; you’ve turned us into a lab family!


Andrew and Dani K.

Skeeter is doing well here in NY! He has met lots of people and everyone loves him. I work in a cancer center and brought him in once and he brought smiles to the few patients he met.

I’ve been working with him on sit and fetching his toys. He is doing extremely well! He sits until told to go get it. When I get a chance, I will try to video tape it and put it online for you guys to see.

He has been very good about going to the bathroom outside, just a few messes inside. Those were probably our fault. We were not quick enough getting our shoes and coat on. He certainly does love to chew but we expected that and try to keep him distracted by giving him his toys when he starts chewing other things.

So far, we are very pleased with his progress and have had many compliments on him.


Chara-Joy is a sweetheart ~ Always abounding with energy, friendship, happiness, and loyalty! She has captured our love!

Richard & Mary Ann

Dallas has been fitting in with the pack very nicely. This picture was taken this past weekend with my sisters dog Sullivan an 11 year old yellow lab.

Stacie T.

Cooper has been a wonderful dog. He is very calm and loving. He just loves to be with us. We highly recommend a pup from Pine Line Labs.

Richard H.

Our Bailey that we got from your last litter with Reya is just the best dog we’ve ever had! She’s smart, calm, great with people and her coat is beautiful! We’ve also noticed that she doesn’t shed which has been a real plus. Great genetics coming from Reya!

Scott S.

Bigsby is doing great. He loves going to the dog park and playing with all the other dogs. I get lots of compliments on how beautiful , well behaved and friendly he is. There is one woman that brings her Rhodesian Ridgeback to the park. Bigsby and her dog hit it right off and played for about an hour straight. She was so happy since her dog has not played with any other dog since her 2nd dog died a few months ago.

Bigsby also loves to swim and splash water. There is a coffee house that allows dogs nearby, they have two big fountains. At first Bigsby was not interested in the fountains, now he is super water dog when we go. It is hard to keep him out of any fountain now.

Bigsby has a great temperament, is extremely smart and just the spitting image of what a chocolate lab should look like. Very happy I purchased him last year.

Scott F.

We were just talking about Dobe’s birthday coming up and the fact that he is almost a year now. He has been a joy and delight. He has definitely added energy and adventure to our lives. He is a typical Labrador and loves water. His favorite place to go is Wood Lake where he loves to chase sticks and drag logs into the water. He met his first trumpeter swans there. They terrified him at first and didn’t want to let him in the water. After about half an hour he gathered up his courage and charged into the water making lots of noise. The swans backed off and let him swim with them. It was fascinating watching the friendship develop.

Dobe is also quite popular with the high school kids. He has been to the school and has a following of friends who have watched him grow up. He is learning to socialize well and behave around others.

We are thankful that God brought Dobe into our lives and are grateful for the blessing that he is.

Ralph and Mary W.

Reina is doing very well. Her energy level is seriously out of this world, but I love it. She has two brothers (both cats) Joey and Thorson, both of whom she loves. Reina is a fabulous retriever and adores any water source…especially the muddy spot at the end of the deck, which she willingly brings with her into the house! In addition to loving on her two brothers, Reina thoroughly enjoys people! She is a people dog through and through.

Thank you for helping to make her part of my family.


We love Bindi. She is smart, sweet, and very playful. She is also a great hunting buddy, when I cannot convince our children to get up at 5 AM in the morning. We are so happy with her, we added our name to the list of the “c” litter from Pine Line Labs and can’t wait to get a playmate for Bindi.

Anne K.


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